Tuesday, April 21, 2015


2nd day at the UCI: Tuesday

Soon after we arrived at the UCI today we stopped in at the UCCF, Uganda Childrens Cancer Foundation. This is where I was hoping to do some volunteer work and where we will bring the suitcase full of arts and craft supplies that St. Elizabeth Orthodox parish family filled up for us. I met Ben, I think he is the director, and Becky and several others. Becky is in charge of the children and I will work mostly with her. This foundation does a huge amount of work teaching families and their children about personal hygiene and it's importance. They travel to schools and meet with mothers to teach hygiene and show videos. I think I had a hard time understanding everything that he said. There were a few things talked about that were unclear and if I did in fact understand him it's pretty overwhelming. I think they might think I will be here much longer than I actually will because it seemed like he was thinking I'd be a whole lot more involved than I had thought to be. I'm only here a little over a week longer. Again, though, communication was a tad unclear. I will learn more tomorrow. Tomorrow we will bring the suitcase and they will inventory it all and we will set up what he called a “work plan” for me. 

We saw these cute little goats after lunch on the UCI campus. They are tethered up waiting for their owner to come back.

Tomorrow is now today and Isma will be here in 30 minutes or so to take us to work. I'll haul this VERY heavy suitcase to the UCCF and learn about my work plan!

Lord have mercy on me and may He help me be what I need to be to show His love to these beautiful little children.

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