Monday, April 27, 2015

Playtime at the UCCF

Today I began my journey at the UCCF Playtime in the Uganda Cancer Institute children's ward.
We arrived with this stack chairs that a cash donation from our home parish bought.  Our parish had a Lenten drive to collect a suitcase full of arts and crafts for the children at the UCI (I mentioned earlier).  We got some cash donations as well.  These chairs were very badly needed. And when we arrived the children began filing out of their rooms to see what it was all about.  They loved the new chairs.
We supplied them with pictures to color ("shading"is what they call it), which Becky copies from the coloring books we brought.  This assures that they have pictures to color for a long, long time.
We ran out of coloring pages and Becky couldn't run to make more copies so we started handing out blank paper for drawing.  This little girl, Peace, drew a picture of a church.  She used her pencil as a ruler to draw the lines straight.
Peace is holding baby Grace and the other little girl I am unsure of her name.  They just looked all so cute together.  And they absolutely love to see the picture of themselves when you are done taking it.

This little guy is Douti.  He was one of the first to come out and inspect the chairs.  Immediately he was at my side wanting to play.   
After a long time of coloring and while we were drawing pictures he handed me a sheet of paper and said, "Draw for me."  So I drew these flowers for him.  After awhile many of children lined up and wanted me to draw flowers and shade them!   


 Here we have Abednego, Sam and Fayo.  I drew flowers for all of them (just some of the ones I drew for).  After awhile I decided I needed to draw something new so I drew a VERY simple line drawing of a hen.  They were all so excited about it and asked me to add it to all their flower pictures.  Sam asked me to draw many, many hens on blank papers and he would spend time meticulously shading them in. 

I introduced Douti to the selfie.  Here is the last selfie we took.  He was just the sweetest boy.

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