Friday, February 27, 2009

Some thoughts from Wisdom of Sirach to ponder as Lent approaches.

If a man washes himself after touching a corpse,
Then touches it again,
What does he profit by his washing?

So it is with a man who fasts over his sins
And goes and does the same sins all over again.
Who will hear his prayer?
What does his humbling profit him?

34:25, 26

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Job and goals!

Early on in the year I decided that my goal for this upcoming year was to become more organized and purposeful in my daily life. It is evident that I have a lot on my plate and at times it is overwhelming! But I believe it is overwhelming only because I typically go about the day very unorganized and without a plan. Things have been going well as I work on created cleaning schedules (I'm tired of power cleaning every time I know someone is to visit-I just want it presentable all the time--power cleans are stressful for me.) and school routines.
The last week I've been discouraged a little and so last night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I began to pray that God clear my mind and help to keep my goals alive. That He give me wisdom and courage to keep moving forward. But most of all I wanted Him to show me clearly again what my vocation and goals ought to be.

As I lay there praying, a little boy came slowly into the room and whispered to me that he was having bad thoughts and couldn't sleep. I cuddled with him for a brief moment and then lead him back to his room. Taking an icon of the Theotokos off the dresser for him, we prayed and talked about the best "Mommy" in the world being with him, and his angel and St. Joseph and Jesus. I kissed him and said good-night and went back to bed.
As I lay there I thanked God for reminding me what my true goal is as a mother, the job He has given show Him to my children! Every day with LOVE, compassion and meekness, to show my children God and His Love for them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Wife

My last post quoted a Sirach 25:1 but as I've read further through 25 and into chapter 26 I have found a wealth of wisdom on being a good wife and warnings against and evil wife, even a section on "the fallen woman". If you have access I highly recommend reading both of these chapters fully, but here are a few of my favorite verses:

Happy is the husband of a good wife: The number of his days will be doubled.

A wife's grace will delight her husband, And her skill will put fat on his bones.
A silent wife is a gift from the Lord, And there is nothing worth as much as a disciplined soul.
A modest wife is blessing upon blessing, And there is no scale adequate to weigh a self-controlled soul.
Life the sun rising in the Lord's heaven is the beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her house.

My main goal for the year is to order my home and life, so I was pleased to read this last verse.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beautiful Things

There are three beautiful things to see,
And they are beautiful before the Lord and men:
The harmony of brothers,
Friendship between neighbors,
And a wife and husband well-adjusted together.
Wisdom of Sirach 25: 1

Note regarding verse:
It is interesting that one of the great celibate monks of the Church, St. John Chrysostom , should say of vs. 1: "For there is no relationship between man and man so close as that between man and wife, if they be joined together as they should be....nothing whatever is more precious than to be...loved by a wife and to love her."