Thursday, August 18, 2005


I’ve posed some questions on my last post that I truly would like to try and get some answers for. Or maybe not “answers” but ideas or advice and encouragement.

I KNOW that I need a routine or schedule to really accomplish things beyond the everyday tasks. I do get the dishes done and the floor vacuumed and beds made on a pretty regular basis. But anything beyond this is VERY difficult for me to get done or even face. I’ve written my schedule or “to-do” list but HOW do I face it and stick with it!!?? I have “desire” to get rid of the clutter, “desire” to do some remodeling, “desire” to have a garden so big it feeds my family of 6 all year long and a “desire” to home school my 4 children exclusively. BUT for some reason the “desire” isn’t enough to motivate me and I DON’T KNOW WHY!! Lately it really is frustrating to me.

Does anyone have and answers or ideas? I probably know the answer. It’s probably staring right at my face…but please, if you have any ideas, advice, encouragement or even quotes. Share!

And please pray for me, SusanSophia, a slothful sinner.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged. I’m not sure I’m of the blogging mindset. Anyway, much of what I’ve been blogging about is motherhood and homemaking and how to find a balance or some semblance of sanity in my home. After all this time and reading and research I’ve come to a conclusion. Over time and practice you need to develop a ROUTINE that works for you and yours. Regardless of what it is we want to accomplish in the day we must have a routine and STICK with it. ( I do think that there are certain things that are important to include in our day...prayers, child training, etc.) I highlight ROUTINE because I believe that for a majority of us it is extremely important to set a routine or schedule and be consistent with it, regardless of whether or not we feel like doing it! In the “good old days” so much of their routine was built out of necessity. They NEEDED a baking day and a laundry day and there was always something that had to be done to make a home a home. But in today’s age and specifically in our society there are so many distractions available to us, so many things out there to take our minds off of what they should be on. The message of the society is comfort and convenience and most especially ME.

I’ve found that I need to build a routine out of necessity and stick with it out And lately I really think it is of the greatest necessity. But how does one stick to it? How do you follow it religiously when you have no desire to? I guess it is just like any other thing you are trying to conquer. Here I’m trying to conquer the passion of sloth and MUST persevere!!!!

Lord, have mercy on me!