Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prayer Requests

  1. My mom isn't well. She's had a deep cough for about a month now and nothing seems to be helping it. They did a CT Scan last week and she found out yesterday that it is clear, Glory to God. But she is still hacking and is frustrated not knowing what is going on. She does have asthma and so it could be that the allergies are really bad and effecting her a great deal. She's never had testing done. Please pray for healing and answers.

  2. James is looking for a new job. His current job, which he has had for 15 years and he really likes, isn't willing to work with him on some issues and so he is having to take an 8% cut in pay and we just cannot afford this. I'm picking up odd jobs here and there to help out (which is stressful as well) and hopefully these will carry us through until he finds something new. He's put out his resume to several different places and I pray something will come up soon. God is Good and He has undoubtedly taken care of us over the years and I trust He will continue.

  3. That God will make it clear to me how to fit everything into my day. I struggle so much with making a schedule work, sticking to a plan and it really is frustrating to me. It is so apparent that it is needed for me and my kids. But I don't know why I can't stick with a plan. I have all these ideas about how I'd love my day to go but it never goes that way, mostly due to me not sticking with the plan.

Thank you so much for prayers and for your faithfulness in reading this little itty bitty glimpse of my world.