Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Day at "Home"

After 3 days at the UCI with James and my back being totally tweaked yesterday (still mending) I decided to stay at the Project House today. Most of the time I follow James around like a lost puppy anyway and there is not much to do until the UCCF gets me helping there.

Being here though is pretty much the same thing. I feel lost because there is nothing to “do.” But the definition of “do” in this regard is just foreign to me and like I tell my children all the time, “boredom is only for boring people” (actually I overheard Fr. Barnabas Powell tell his daughter that a couple years ago and adopted it). So I endeavored not to have a boring day but rather relish in my freedom of having nothing at all to do in terms of responsibility. Marion won't even let you wash your own cup without a chastisement.

So I sat on the sofa and wrote or read while Marion washed dishes, did my laundry, made my bed (after changing the sheets), mopped the floors and oversaw the handy-man who came to fix our toilet and fix the cupboards in the kitchen (paint involved and he was wearing dress paints and a dress shirt). The gardener worked on sweeping and scrubbing the outside veranda and metal railing along the veranda, while I decided to explore the gardens (after James urged me to do so). Amazingly beautiful flowers I have never seen before in my life!  All the pictures are in my FB album but here are some favorites...

Sarah hired a gentleman to sew new upholstery covers for the outdoor furniture and he was busy working on that all day. He brought his own equipment and worked right here. All while I sat and uploaded my flower pictures and wrote about them. It was truly amazing watching him work. 

Old sofa to show the old fabric.  Chairs were worked on first.

The chairs are halfway done.
Here the main cushions of the chairs are done! In one day!
And this is how John worked all day!  An old school treadle machine!

I got some reading done, an awesome book called “Practicing Daily Prayer” by Theodora Dracopoulos Argue (whom I think I met once a very long time ago at Holy Apostles in Shoreline). 

Oh I also sketched out a full page sketch of the repository room for James to use later when planning his lab move.

Now I think I'll go sit in the sun for 30 minutes to get my daily dose of Vitamin D while I wait for James to get home (he should be on his way).

While I read outside in the sun, Sebo joined me. We walked around the veranda together. He plopped down in the shade, a much better place to be thought he. 

 It's been an all around good day!  

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