Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Lighter side of my first day.

1st Day at the UCI part 2: Monday 4/20/2015

For lunch on Monday we went to a nearby canteena called The Good Samaritan. We went with Patrick and the Lab Director, Michel (pronounced Michelle). This was my first encounter with a real Ugandan lunch. I had matoke which is steamed plantains that are mashed.
I found it quite good! I also had 2 small chunks of steamed sweet potato. This was not as good. I think the sweet potato is different from what we have at home. I typically love sweet potatoes. I had a chicken stewed in gravy sauce with a chapti (flatbread) and James ordered a g-nut sauce to dip the chipati in. G-nuts are like peanuts, taste just like peanuts, and it was made into a sauce. Patrick told me how to make my own with peanuts at home. This will be a very good addition to the lenten menu.

While we were there we ate out on the patio under a metal roof. When it began to rain it was so loud we couldn't even really talk to each other. 

Right next to the canteena a man climbed up a tree and cut down a jack fruit. This sounded like a 20-30# bowling ball being dropped from the top of the tree. It was a HUGE yellow looking thing. Marion was supposed to buy us some jack fruit because James wants me to try it. ( Marion did in fact buy me a jack fruit. It is the strangest fruit but was very delicious! )

Right before leaving the canteena we noticed a bunch of monkeys running around! In all James' time here he has only seen a monkey once and it was his first visit 8 years ago. I got some good pictures of the monkeys.

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