Saturday, April 25, 2015

another day at the UCI and some fun

On Friday (4/24/15) I spent a whole day at the UCI with James and it went really fast.
First, Isma didn't show up to take us to work and no one could reach him for hours. I was seriously concerned for his wellbeing. At any rate we didn't get to work until 10am and it all flew by quickly.
I stopped at the UCCF to give them a $50 donation that someone at church gave me. We collected arts and crafts but I also got cash. This cash will be used to buy a dozen new chairs for the children to use in playtime. Next Monday I will begin helping Becky at the UCI children's inpatient ward at playtime. She has written a whole “timetable” of events for the days. It involves reading, playing, movies and “shading” (coloring).
Back at the offices with James he spent a great deal of time problem-solving electrical issues in the new building. Not that he himself does electrical but rather communicating with those that do and trying to figure out why the -80 freezers keep surging.
At one point I was talking to Patrick before we had finally heard from Isma, we were all quite worried and Patrick said, “My day is not going in a straight line.” Ah ha! How true it is most of the time. But the description is so perfect! One of my favorite Ugandan phrases thus far!

I got to use the new facility restrooms today.  Wow!  What an amazing improvement!  Here is the comparison!
Maybe you can't really see the lack of cleanliness in the picture.  The debilitation.  But trust me when I say it's there.
It's just like at home!
I spent a little bit of time sketching a better picture of the repository, making the usable space to scale. I'll show a picture of my finished product when I am done.

We had a very late lunch at the Good Samaritan. I had G-nut sauce with chipati and some veggie samosas. James discovered this chili oil here at the Good Samaritan.  He loves it!

By the time we were done with lunch it was time to go home. We left early from work so we could stop at the Nakumatt for some groceries for our dinner party that evening. Rau planned a lovely Indian vegetarian meal (for us) and a curry chicken and lamb dish for the others in what he called "Bunny Chow" (but I have no idea how he would spell it!).  You take a 3rd or 1/4 of the loaf of unsliced bread.  You make a well in it and fill it with the Bunny Chow.   Delicious! We had one dinner guest, a friend of Sarah', although more were supposed to join us.  It was too late of notice.
And finally John finished the larger sofa on the veranda today.  Along with 2 stool cushions!  Lovely!
Here is the old sofa cushions.
Awesome job, John!

It was a lovely Friday in Uganda!  Tomorrow (which is today and over -I'll post about it tomorrow-I'm behind), we head to St. Nicholas Children's Fund offices!   

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Randy said...

I enjoy reading your posts and the photos both here and on Facebook. I see real joy on your faces and those you visit. Glory to God!