Monday, April 30, 2007

Barn Raising

This past weekend as many know, we had our "barn" raising to raise up a much needed guest house. Since our move to the country and across the Puget Sound waters of Seattle we've had a steady stream of guests. Not to mention the numerous family memebers that visit frequently. In this new house of ours we really don't have an extra room for them so we thought rather than be cramped and risk the chance of visitors not coming because of that we'd build a guest house. Under 200 sq. feet and there is no permit required. It's primitive in that it has no plumbing but it's built just 5 feet from the main house so there is easy access to the bathroom just inside the back door. Okay, enough advertising. :)
We had quite a crew. Six couples, including us, came from across the water to help us out. They all have first dibs on the finished facilities and chance at a weekend of farm life in the quiet of the country. Above is our lunch time break group photo! Even some of the children were great helpers. Mom caught this picture of Nicholas.
Here, below, is what they started with first thing Saturday morning. All week James and Rade worked at getting the foundation done so they could start out on the floor and walls right away.

Father Christopher came out mid-morning to bless the foundation and our efforts to complete the task we started. He even worked his way over to our barn we are working on to welcome the goats in 2 weeks and he sprinkled the chickens as well!!!

Here, Jenny and Steve, rest briefly.

With nearly all hands on board the 2nd wall goes up!

By the end of Sunday (a few stayed over Saturday night and joined us for Church Sunday, working for a short time in the afternoon), some wall boards were up and the big beam for the roof was up! See the little "hobbit" hiding in the picture?
It was quite a grand weekend! Mom stayed on to take all these wonderful pictures but yesterday afternoon headed for the train and Minnesota. We will miss her!!!! But can't wait till she's back in July to stay in the guest house!
Through all this building, Valerie and I were able to get 9 post holes dug for the goat pen!!! I hope to finish that this week and then get the inside pens built. I need to be ready by May 12.

St. Brigid Farm is now taking reservations for the guest house, call or email for availability.


Dawn said...

great pictures!

Mimi said...


Liz in Seattle said...

What Susan DIDN'T mention was that she and Grandma Faith made a raft of delicious salads, Sloppy Joes, and a killer Fruit Crisp. And in between doing that, homeschooling, and tending her fledgling farm, she created over twenty customized "Ferrenberg Barn Raising" T-shirts, with Amish/Old Testament names for each. Fittingly, Susan and James were Sr. Sarah and Br. Abraham (had many sons, sir).

Bluecanopy said...

how fun....looks like you got a lot of work done...and look at that greenery, i think i've still been picturing snow :)

we'll have to make reservations soon...

~ the other sister sara :)