Wednesday, May 09, 2007

getting ready for goats

have been so busy working on the goat barn and fencing lately. I love the way the barn is turning out. I've made the plans pretty much, with just a little help, and it's looking great. I just can't believe all that there is yet to do and we are SUPPOSE to get the goats this weekend. I just don't see how I'm going to be ready. If I just get the barn secure so they can stay in there until the fencing is done I guess that would work but I'll feel bad for them. All but one of the posts are set and that'll be accomplished today with ease. The children have been helping me with that. They shovel gravel while I tamp and level. Here is what we've accomplished thus far:
This is what we started with. Just a 3 sided shed. Nothing but some shelving inside.

So far here is where we are at. To the left of the window will be a big gate of sorts to enter into the pens. The first pen will be the main one. The second one, behind the white 1/2 wall, will be my kidding pen. Pregnant does will birth there and kids will be seperated from mama's there when weaning is necessary. To the right of the window will be the door into the rest of the barn which will be storage of all sorts and also the milking area. To the right of that door is a post and from there over will be walled off. My milk stand will be right behind that big piece of plywood that is leaning.

This is looking at the feed trough we made. I love how it turned out. This picture was taken before the window was in and before the 1/2 wall went in to seperate the 2 pens.
The trough will be used to feed mostly hay. But one spot on the end will probably have a mineral feeder.

Back to work for today. Will for sure finish setting posts and also will build the rest of the milk stand. It's half done. Then I'll either start stretching fence, hard to do though alone, OR will start putting up the front wall siding. We'll see if I can convince Kelsey to help me stretch fence or not. After all, they are her goats too.

Oh yeah, last weekend I bought what I am sure was my last gallon of cows milk!!!


Liz in Seattle said...

Go Sue! You can do it!

Us :-)

Susan Sophia said...

We leave Friday at 5:30pm to go get the goats! We'll have fresh milk Saturday morning.

Arielle said...

Sue, this is so awesome. You are donig exactly what I hope to do one of these years - chickens and goats! So envious :)

I will be in Seattle the first week of July - I have no idea what our schedule will be, but I would love to come see your farm if it works out! Maybe I can reserve some eggs and goat milk beforehand :)

Liz in Seattle said...

Slobber. Aren't you glad you didn't have to bring them home during Lent? ;-)

Dawn said...

i can't wait to meet the goats!