Monday, May 14, 2007

They are here!

On Saturday evening, after a full day of barn building, the girls and I put straw in the back of the van and headed south to get the goats. We were home by 8PM with a mama and her kid in the back of the van. They are settling into their new home nicely I think. They miss their bigger busier farm, they had 2 other mama does and 6 kids (slowly being sold off), 2 horses and a yard full of chickens. So our place is quieter. I think they really appreciate the time we sit out there with them and brush and talk to them. I've milked 3x now...morning and evening. I wasn't going to do that but for now I'll milk 2x a day but only on ONE side. Butter, the kid, only feeds from one side of her mama so she is quite lop-sided until I milk her out. It sure is a learning time for me, to figure out the best hand hold and squeeze. I'm glad she is tolerant...well, as long as she has her molasses grain in front of her she is. At each milking I get between 1.5-2# of milk. Two pounds is approximately a quart. That is very little compared to what her very experienced previous owner would get. So I'm hoping each time I'll get a little better at it.
Below is a picture of Firefly looking out the back window of the van. And the other picture is of them in their new home.


Dawn said...


Liz in Seattle said...

Congratulations, Farmer Sue! Looking forward to meeting your new additions :-)

Bluecanopy said...

HOw exciting!!!

Mimi said...

I love the goat looking out the back window!

(Can I order two dozen eggs from you for Sunday? Email me)