Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We are into goats!

Firefly is a five-year-old doe who just gave birth to Butter on Saturday, April 14. Butter is a doe, both will be coming home with us sometime within 4-8 weeks. Just as soon as I finish the barn that will be theirs. Here is a picture of Butter with Kelsey.
Yesterday we started a goat class at Maplebrook Farm.
For 3 classes we will drive down to Ollala to learn all we can about goats. This past Tuesday we learned about the uses of goats, what they eat and we got to introduce all 4 babies to bottles for the first time and to romping in the field for the first time. It was so fun to watch these tiny little goats jump and run. Next week we'll learn to make goat cheese and do some more feeding, and also about fencing. The last week we'll get to milk the goats and have cookies with goats milk.

Here is Firefly with Butter (middle) and her adopted brother. Pretzel the other mama doe gave birth to triplets and Firefly only had one so they took one from Pretzel and have worked on her adopting him to even the mama's out.
Butter nursing.

Charissa took a liking to one of Pretzels does. This is dangerous. They are so cute we are tempted to take her home as well. But we'll hold off and Charissa will get the first one born to us next year.

Joseph with one of Pretzel's kids.

On A Few Other Notes:
We lost a chicken. Can't find any trace of anything around the fenced yard or coop. It's a mystery. I just really hope that one of my neighbors didn't walk off with it while we were away yesterday. No sign of forced entry. No pile of feathers anywhere. No half eaten carcass. It's sad.
Our guest house piers go in this Saturday and the week after the whole thing goes up in what we are calling an Old Fashioned Amish Barn Raising. We have 4 families joining us thus far. All will be taking Amish names for the day and Valerie and I will be making a t-shirt with their name on it with an Amish pic of some sort on the back. We hope to have the guest house (as rustic as it will be with no plumbing but having electricity) weather tight by the end of the day on the 28th.
Can't wait to break it in. Maybe someday I'll be able to advertise..."come work on a real working ranch for the weekend" and people will actually pay me to pretend they live on a farm for a weekend. LOL What a novelty these days!!! If it had a toilet I'd bet anything I could really make some money renting it out. the olden days people used outhouses. Hey...that could be part of the novelty couldn't it? ;)


Grandma Brenda said...

Some very cute pictures of my grandkids and their new "friends"!!! Can't wait to meet the 2 new members.Kelsey, saw your picture on dads blog, very nice.Gosh, I HAVE AN AWESOME FAMILY!!LOVE YOU GUYS!

Bluecanopy said...

butter?? what a great name. How long will th doe produce milk and when can you breed butter? i'm assuming a goat has to give birth to produce milk.....

Susan Sophia said...

A doe is typically bred annually although a good milker can go longer even up to 2 years before being bred. Firefly is a good milker I've been told. But we'll probably try and breed them at the same time, maybe so she's dry during lent. :) YOu dry them off the last 2 months of pregnancy.
Butter can be bred when she reaches 80 pounds typically at around 8 months. And yes, she'll need to be bred to produce milk.