Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Goat School Day 2

Yesterday was the 2nd day of goat school and we were to learn about milking. First, we got to have milk and cookies, GOAT milk. We were all pleasantly surprised at how creamy and tasty the milk was!! It was DELICIOUS!! I would have never guessed it to be goat milk. I can't wait to have my own.
Then we headed to the barn where each child would get a chance at milking. Here is a picture of Kelsey having her turn. It's hard to learn but she got a few squirts out. She'll have plenty of practice once Firefly comes home with us.

Right as Kelsey was getting up from the stand and Charissa was about to get her turn Miss Sherie ran to the stall where a pregnant goat was in labor and said, "She's getting ready to push."
The milking lesson was interrupted but by something far more exciting...the birth of twin does! It was quite the experience as Miss Sherie at a couple times was frantically on the phone with friends to figure out why this first time mama was taking so long. Turns out that both does were trying to exit at the same time. Once she made Ladybug stand and pushed babies back in they repositioned and came out easily. It was most exciting!!! Both my girls were fascinated. Here is mama and babies just minutes after birth while Charissa looks on!


Liz in Seattle said...

Comments from the 10-year-old peanut gallery: "Oh, how cuuuuute!"

I concur :-)

Dawn said...

really neat

Bluecanopy said...

too cool! what a great "interruption".