Monday, January 09, 2006

Update on my dad

Here are my original posts #1 and #2.

Thank you for all your prayers!!! I just spoke with my dad today and learned that he has been almost completely smoke-free for 2 weeks now only have 2 cigarettes in the last 2 weeks!! He smoked nearly 3 packs a day prior to this! His spirits are high and I was so excited to hear how well he's been doing.
He goes in Wednesday to set up for 6 weeks of radiation at 5 days a week! There is a possibility that through the radiation his throat could get so sore he would not be able to eat. If this happens he would have a temporary feeding tube put in.

Thank you for your prayers and your continued prayers!


Mimi said...

Whohoooo! Yay!

Prayers continue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...more prayers on the way :-)