Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The clergyman of our family.

Here we have Fr. Nicholas and Dn. Joseph ready to serve. I created a pattern and sewed up these vestments for the boys for Christmas...they just opened them today on the 10th day of Christmas. We had to pry them off to get ready for bed. They took a bowl and filled it with lincoln logs and said it was the antidoron. I took a bell and tied rope on it for a censer.


Dawn said...

I love it!

Arielle said...

ohmigoodness that is so cute! I love how serious Joseph looks with his censer :)

Mimi said...

That's so adorable! The antideron, the censor! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Patrick's response: "Whoa!!!"

I think he'll want to play with them next time he's over :-)


juliana said...

One time Herman cut off the legs of his pants to make shorts. Well the left over leg part was well used by Becket as his "priest hat". Tansy was once caught as well donning a bed sheet wrapped up to imitate a nun. When I was young the best I could do was to resemble something closer to a roller skating queen looking more hookerish then queenish. We've come along way baby.