Monday, January 02, 2006

Feast Day of St. Juliana and St. Seraphim

Christ is born!
Glorify Him!

I just wanted to write a little today as today is the feast day of two my favorite saints!

St. Seraphim of Sarov...a wonderful website here with his life and some of his writings. St. Juliana of Lazarevo...her story here.
A year and a half ago I taught vacation Church School and my class studied St. Seraphim. It was really a wonderful time and I love his story and the writings I've read so far.
St. Juliana was brought to my attention sometime over this past year, I came across this site and found her listed under Saints for the Kitchen and Home and investigated. If only I could develop even half of her virtue!

Oh most Holy St. Juliana and St. Seraphim, please pray unto God for me.

Troparion - Tone 4
You loved Christ from your youth, O blessed one,
and longing to work for Him alone you struggled in the wilderness in constant prayer and labor.
With penitent heart and great love for Christ you were favored by the Mother of God.
Therefore we cry to you:
"Save us by your prayers, venerable Seraphim, our father."

Troparion - Tone 4

By your righteous deeds you revealed to the world
An image of the perfect servant of the Lord.
By your fasting, vigil and prayers,
You were inspired in your evangelical life,
Feeding the hungry and caring for the poor,
Nursing the sick and strengthening the weak.
Now you stand at the right hand of the Master, Christ,
O holy Juliana, interceding for our souls.

And for those who have taken them as their patron saints....Many Years!!
Many, many years to Nathan Seraphim, Juliana Plew, and Arielle Juliana and Seraphim (Sky)!


Mimi said...

Christ is Born!

Beautiful post, Susan Sophia, thank you.

Arielle said...

Thank you so much, Susan Sophia!

sara said...

late but thanks!