Friday, January 20, 2006

A tribute

This is a tribute to one of my and Sara's favorite foods as we've posted on our blogs recently.
She tagged me for the 4 meme and we both listed homemade bread as our favorite made me hungry. So today I pulled my grandma's whole wheat bread recipe out and baked....mmmmm, it was delicious! it sure tasted good but it seems a bit short. It seemed to not raise well the second time around. I seem to have this problem a lot. I wonder if it raised too fast or something. It appears to have gone down once I turned the oven on (the bread was on top rising) and I wonder if the heat from the preheating oven was too much. Any thought from those of you who bake bread often. I've gotten into baking quite a bit but am still learning.


sara said...

Ok, I read this a while ago but I'm just now commenting...those loaves look delicious!! Do you bake all of your own bread? One of my (far reach) goals is to have a baking day once a week and do bread/goodies.

I have been reading an old cookbook I have called Laurel's Kitchen. It has a chapter on bread making. I really like it because they use all whole wheat flour in everything and they give a lot of science info for what makes for good rising, density, etc.

They keep referencing the "Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book", probably similar to lots of others...but sounded like something to look into.

Happy baking! You'll have to give me pointers...maybe I'll start when the kids are a little older and I have bigger blocks of time.

Elizabeth said...

I learned to bake wonderful whole-grain bread (no white flour at all) from Laurel's Kitchen, and then went on to use Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. Both are wonderful teachers as they go step-by-step and tell you what you should do and what the dough should look like at each stage. I've been baking ala Laurel for probably 10 years. My bread *almost* always comes out wonderful....see my blog for one notable recent failure!

Mimi said...

Those look fabulous.

When I make bread, I let it rise in a warm oven but don't preheat the oven until after the dough is out of it - I'd think it may be a contributing factor.