Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Week!

I've been looking forward to blogging this post for awhile despite being totally ill prepared for it.  I just knew I wanted to post about this week.  It is special.  I will call it Love Week. I have plans, sort of (because I need to be realistic and make low expectations for myself), to make it an awesome week.  I plan to give of myself daily, with love, extra special.  

The obvious is that on Thursday it is Valentines Day but the not so obvious to you is that tomorrow is the anniversary of my amazing husbands proposal to me ( nineteen years!!! I'm in awe).  So it starts the week, February 11th, the day of proposal, ending with Valentines Day (or close to ending), thus we shall name it Love Week.

(I wish I had pictures to insert here.)

I'm feeling quite blessed as of late.  Maybe it's this awesome counting to one thousand that is helping.  I'm certain it doesn't hurt.  
I know  I am not counting every day like I should be. But when I do take the time to watch and seek God's beauty and blessings, it really does make a difference.

56. Sunny day of 52degrees.
57. Cooking corned beef (1st time ever)  & cabbage for St. Brigid---one day late.
58.  A shower with warm water---CeeJay
59. Pics of wedding & baby years to bring smiles and joy to the dinner table.
60. Sweet kids WANTING to sing Les Mis songs.
61. Sweet girl of 13 hugging me & telling me she loves me, on her own, for no reason.
62. Sweet girl of 13 helping Mrs. Hainly with a tree in her yard.
63.  Lovely girls encouraging mom & dad to date.
64. Clean clothes.
65. Sweet smell of incense.
66. Beautiful blue flowers for the Theotokos.
67. Early morning prayers.
68. Date night, double date with awesome friends, and a movie--Les Miserables in the theater. ( Have I mentioned this movie could change your life?) 
69. Newly built stairs to the cabin---thank you Hickmans.
70. Singing in choir today.

Love Week...I'm so looking forward to Love Week.  



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