Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland part 2

This has been quite an amazing storm we've endured. For the most part I LOVE the snow! But this part of the country is not meant to get this much snow (our yard has received approximately 11 inches). This snow will hang around longer than we are used to it hanging around here BUT it WILL melt much much faster than the ground can handle and it's not going to be fun! I'll enjoy it while I can though and share some of the beauty and adventure we've had.

First I want to say....Nicholas turned 8 today(the post is taking longer than I'd like to finish so his birthday was yesterday)!!!
The power went out last night and didn't come back on until this afternoon so after lunch we put a candle in a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup and sang "Happy Birthday".

This picture is looking up our driveway towards the house. This is after all the snow finally stopped falling. I still can't believe all the snow. And to think others had way more.

I was keeping track of this ladder, taking pictures of it throughout the storm. Here is the photo I last posted. The last picture in that series was 8AM Sunday, this one was taken Sunday night. Wow! What a difference another band of snow makes! Crazy!

I love this picture. I posted one previously from a day earlier. It looks so cool.

Some roof adventures through it all. I woke up to find the gutter down and snow starting to slide off the roof. It looks really funky, eh?

This is after James fixed it. Look how deep it looks!

James decided to try and go to town but first he had to get out.

This is the drive down Widme Road. They don't plow around here, except the major interstates or highways and if your lucky other main arterials. That's what's so frustrating me so much. I love the snow but not when they can't keep up with it.

This is in the Albertsons parking lot. Those of you used to snow wouldn't think much of it but my kids think this absolutely amazing!

My grass bush is covered with snow and it fell down to the sides and created a cool tunnel through it. Charissa discovered this. She crawls in the hole you see on the left and through a "u" shape to the right. Cool, eh?

I found this nail on the front porch and found it really funny how the snow collected on it. A nail!

These next 2 are just some trees in the front yard. They are completely weighted down with snow.

I'm completely astonished at how much snow we have and how long it is sticking around. Like James said, it's usually gone in 24-48 hours. Despite the fact that I LOVE snow and really miss my Minnesota snow, I am tired of this. I think mostly because it shuts the city down! It has to go away and typically goes away fast leaving an ugly, disgusting mess of mud. We haven't been to Church since December 14th. All services have been canceled till tomorrow and, OH, I just pray we get there tomorrow.
So, to say the least, it really grieves me that I see THIS in the weather report this morning.
UGH! If I was somewhere in the midwest (like between the Rockies and the Appalachians) this wouldn't be an issue. I'd welcome it. But, alas, it is not!


MIchelle M. said...

I can't get over how much snow you have! I hope you will be able to make it back to church in time for Nativity!!

Mimi said...

I know, I am worried about making it to Church for the Christmas Liturgy as well. Sigh.

Bluecanopy said...

A Merry Christmas to all the Ferrenbergs!

OOh how fun and challenging!

My favorite photos are charissa's tunnel and the nail!

Christ is born! Glorify Him!