Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More on the search for Wisdom

Sirach says in 4:11-16
Wisdom exalts her children and lays hold of those who seek her.
Whoever loves her loves life,
And those who come to her early in the morning will be filled with gladness.
He who holds fast to her will inherit glory, and the Lord blesses every place she enters.
Those who serve her will minister to the Holy One, and the Lord loves those who lover her.
He who obeys her will judge the nations; And he that gives heed to her will live with confidence.
If he trusts in her, he will inherit her, and his posterity will be in possession of her.

The note in my Orthodox Study Bible says: (bold is my emphasis)
*****Gaining wisdom is not passive or automatic. Note the action verbs: seek, loves, come, holds fast, serve, obeys, gives heed and trusts.

The Lord shows me another answer to my question.....How do I gain wisdom? What does it look like?

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