Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sewing with the girls

We've been working on making Christmas presents and the girls have really been enjoying sewing. They've come up with their own creations and grandma (before she left) helped Kelsey quite a bit and now I am stepping in and helping them both. Kelsey started out wanting to make "cool dude" dolls for the boys but as we've run out of time I talked her into turning the one doll she has nearly done into a girl for her sister. When the doll is complete I'll post pictures but for now, here is the outfit we've made for the doll. She is really enjoying making dolls and would like to make a whole bunch of them for next year and maybe try to sell them at a craft fair.

Charissa wanted to get in on the action and seems to pull out fabric and randomly sew something so I helped her create something for the boys. I told her that they might like a belt to stick their swords in and so she designed something even better. She is calling it a "Jedi belt". She came up with the idea of pockets and so we used some old jeans and made both these belts in one day. She loves to sew. They have 2 pockets each, 2 loops for swords and several button holes to make room to grow. The boys will love them!

I am really enjoying sewing lately and hope to have many projects done within the next couple weeks. So thankful we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas so everything doesn't have to be done by the 25th. Yeah!


grammafaithie said...

YEAH, for my girls! I am so glad Kelsey has kept it up - I tried to give her the basics to get started sewing and I know she will have no problem following patterns! I am proud of all three of you - and YES, the boys will love those belts! GOOD FOR YOU - CHARISSA!!!!

Liz in Seattle said...

WOW! Tell the girls they now officially sew better than me. Oh wait, anybody can do that. Do they sew Scout badges yet? ;-)

Enjoy the blizzard...heh heh...and tell those kids to bring in more wood. We just finished reading Plum Creek, where Mary and Laura brought in the whole wood pile during a blizzard.

And yes, TWELVE days of Christmas, thank you very much. It astounds many people, but it makes so much more sense. Looking forward to fun and feasting with you, 'long about the 7th day or so!