Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Record Breaker

This morning I milked and got a record breaking amount of milk...for me. I also broke a record yesterday, so 3 days in a row her milk has increased.
This morning I got just a hair over 5 pounds!!! ( I really would love a scale with ounces between the pounds.) Just to give you some perspective, there are approximately 8 pounds per gallon.
I think she may be starting to wean Butter which might be the reason for the increase. Maybe Butter isn't suckling much in the evenings which would make Firefly fuller. I've noticed that Butter actually goes into her stall all by herself each evening, 3 nights in a row, to eat her grain. I used to have to chase her around and dart after her until I caught her to drag her to her stall to separate them at night. Now she just goes.
My free evenings might be gone soon. I stopped milking in the evenings because I wasn't getting anything because of Butter. I'll start watching her for engorgement in the evenings now.
I better get busy and get my cheese making skills working on a regular basis. I also have been reading a lot about goat milk soap making.


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When I was in JoAnn's the other day looking at what kind of kits they might have for kids (CJ's birthday) I saw a kit for making goat milk soap! I really debated on that one but decided - NO - Sue will make their own! LOL.... Anyway, I am anxious to taste the goat milk and the cheese! See you soon!