Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dangerour Boys Day

This afternoon the girls (the 2 little ones) left the farm to spend the night at a cousins for a birthday party. Daddy announced it was a boys night. So they took out the Dangerous Book For Boys and chose a project. Nicholas really wanted to make a catapult but the book didn't give instructions for that so they settled on a bow and arrow set. Dad went hunting for the perfect stick for a bow and Nicholas and I hunted for arrows. After some wood shaving and tying string we got a pretty good set made. Nicholas loved it. He spent quite awhile practicing and at one point I walked outside and dad said, "He's scary good." A longer arrow was needed so he could stretch further. He was awesome! And loved it!



Liz in Seattle said...

The British version has instructions for a catapult. It also replaces the homage to the Wright Brothers with homage to Himself, Admiral Lord Nelson.

Gee, we have two Dangerous Boys coming over on Tuesday...

Mimi said...

We were looking through our copy last night with Dawn!

Good fun indeed!

Bluecanopy said...

ummm ok gotta get that book

looks fun...just look at that thing!