Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happenings at St. Brigid Farm

I canNOT believe that it has been over 2 weeks since my last update! Crazy!

Today, for many days now, we've been dealing with hot temps. My thermometer on the northside of the house in the shade says 90. Unfortunately, the rest of the house and property are in the sun and it is not 90. Yes, many of you may being saying "wimp" but what you don't know is that in Western WA no one has AC. It's unheard of unless you run down to Home Depot to grab something to stick in your window, which I am sure many do. When I moved out here from Minnesota 13 years ago I couldn't believe none of the apartments had wall AC's. The one thing I am thankful for is very low humidity. I'm also thankful for plenty of water and a big pool the kids bought with their own money.
The garden really loves it and is growing well. This afternoon a put out a soaker hose on the beans, peas and tomatoes. They'll be thankful. I wish I had more.
The animals are tolerating. Until the afternoon the chickens huddle under a very small section of shade and as it grows they slowly move out. The pasture seed I'm trying to grow in the other half of there run isn't doing well. I water it daily(or more) but it's just too hot. The goats have it the easiest. There barn is the coolest place on the property. It's on the south part of the property and behind it are LOTS of trees. It gets no sun, only their pasture areas gets sun first thing in the morning and later in the day.
I'm down to milking just once a day as Butter is drinking too much during the day to have any for me. That's just fine! I've been reading a lot about once-a-day milking. It's really possible and makes it easier. I'm getting 1/2 gallon a day and it's too much for our family so I'm learning to make cheese. I really need to make it right now if it wasn't soo warm in the house. When it says to hang at room temperature I wonder if that means 90+ degree room temperature?

Not farm related but exciting non-the-less, James will be tonsured a reader next Wednesday, a week from today. His cassock arrived in the mail yesterday from Holy Nativity Convent! They are so wonderful! I called many places and no one could have it done for me in time and many were 8+ weeks out. They had it done in less than 4! And it is lovely! Some of you may be joining us for the festivities, if you are, note that the service starts at 9:30AM and NOT 10:00AM. We are not sure where in there the tonsuring will take place it depends on His Grace Bishop BENJAMIN. It WILL be before the actual Divine Liturgy takes place, but it's either between the 3rd & 6th hours or immediately before any of the hours. Please pray for cool weather!!! In the OCA the Reader vests for reading the epistle so James will have his clothes, his cassock AND altar vestments(just for the reading though).

Not quite a week after his tonsuring James will board a plane for Uganda, Africa. He's talked about it here and here. Please pray for safe travels. Also, that the entire Ferrenberg clan will grow during our separation, the longest we've ever had. And that I can be a successful, loving single mother for 3 weeks. It will be hard. In the last few weeks I've gained a much deeper appreciation for those who leave their families behind for months on end to serve in the military. I can't imagine. So I'm trying really hard not to be a big baby!

Back to trying to cool down, clean for company and serve cold drinks to the kids(who just got out of the pool).


Liz in Seattle said...

Hi Sue,

Even though we'll already be there, does your comment mean that the Divine Liturgy starts at 9:30, or that the tonsuring will start at approximately 9:30?

Ferry schedules would put some visitors there at either 8:40 or right at 9:30.

Just a public service announcement :-)

Lookin' forward to that goat's milk!

Susan Sophia said...

The service starts at 9:30AM. Fr. Christopher said depending on what Bishop BENJAMIN wants we may or may not have the hours which means the tonsuring could start as early as shortly after 9:30AM or could be a bit later. If you want to be there for the tonsuring I'd say be there by 9:30AM. If you want to come earlier you can always meet us at our house or just wait at the Church. I'm sure Fr. will be there early.

Mimi said...

Oooh, I get to meet Liz too? That's so awesome.

Liz in Seattle said...


Anonymous said...

Why must everyone capitalize the Bishop's NAME? Isn't the fact that he is a Bishop good enough? I mean, God Himself only gets the first letter capitalized.

- The Green Lantern

Bluecanopy said...

good to hear updates :) Simeon's being baptized next wed...cool. is your mom coming to stay while james is gone? you will have my prayers you brave woman!

Susan Sophia said...

YES- my mom is coming. I didn't think she was going to make it but today it was confirmed!