Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's been going on here?

We have been quite busy these days preparing for this. I know you probably have seen that link from Paradosis link. In the last 2 weeks before market day (July 7) we completed the family room wall (it was bare drywall) , painted it, redid moulding through almost the whole house, packed up about 6 loads of JUNK to put in storage (don't know why and can't believe all the stuff we can supposedly "live without temporarily"...why not always????). I spent an entire afternoon (6+hours) in the rain planting and mulching and cleaning the yard. The list goes on. Now we are on the market. Within 2 days we had a great offer and 2 days later it fell through. The Missus of the said offer didn't like our house enough. :( But we are only 6 days into the game and have had lots of lookers. When we sold our house in Sultan it was on the market for 3 1/2 months and probably didn't have near the traffic this one has had in 3 days. Another gorgeous weekend to come should bring lots more traffic. Please pray God's Will be done!!
We have the weekend loaded with houses to look at for ourselves on the Kitsap Peninsula. That should be fun. We have our eyes on one we both really like. It is very private 2 1/2 acres and it has all the stuff we need to get started on our "hobby" farm: corral, 2 fenced pastures, 2-stall barn, fenced garden, chicken coop! Perfect. We think.

Another funthing we've been up to is camping. Here are some fun pictures of our trip to Mossyrock Campground in Mossyrock Washington.

Thank you for all your prayers as we seek God's guidance in the sale of our home and purchase of a new home-following our dream.


Meg said...

Just wanted to stick my nose in and wish you luck. About the sale falling through: Some people are just too fussy for their own good. It looks like a great house to me.

Will this bring you closer to church, or farther away?

Susan Sophia said...

This will bring us to a new Church, an OCA mission. Our commute time to Church will increase as it is currently only 7 minutes. But it's one of the many prices to pay for living in the country.

sara said...

you have my prayers... the sooner we can visit the ferrenberg farm, the better :)

Mimi said...

You have my prayers, I'm sorry it fell through. However, I'd like to say it's better early in the process rather than later.

I'd like to offically register a complaint that you drove RIGHT BY us without stopping to say hi, though ;)

Dawn said...

it will be fun to see YOU and the possible new home this weekend! :)