Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm Melting!!!!!

It is TOO HOT! I know some of you may be used to hot temperatures but I(we) here in Seattle are not. There is not air conditioning except in my van and at the mall. I'm not a mall type person! It is too Hot!!!!!
Record Highs Friday and Saturday in some parts were over 100!!!! I turned my van on Friday afternoon to see the temperature reading outside and it registered 101!

There are, however, certain activities that are especially good for hot weather. Here are some of our favorites we've relished in the last 3 days...
but first I had to put this in this morning....even the dog is hot! Early this morning (Monday) I put the fan in the window and within a few minutes found the dog sitting in front of it!!! It cracked me up!


Meg said...

I can but sympathize. We've had similar weather here in NH, along with all the rain that you folks in the Pacific NW usually get. My thoughts on this year's weather patterns have been extremely un-Christian.

Mimi said...

It has been so hot! Our cat looks like your dog, just parked in front of the open sliding glass door.

At least it has cooled today! Yay!

sara said...

It's hot here too!! I can't believe it! Your living room looks great, I love the wood floors. What a cool poochie.