Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Intentional Community?

What does it mean to grow an intentional community? An Orthodox intentional community? Rade of The New Relic on more than one occasion talked about this. It's something that has always been on my mind as something that could be good if a group worked really hard at it. I came across this website called Orthodox Village that doesn't really have all that much to it but the idea behind it is good. He has good hopes and plans but it doesn't seem to have grown much. On the message board I found this icon that a woman drew when she started in 1994...but she's Orthodox!!! which I found fascinating! (she no longer owns that site)
I love this icon! It is so beautiful!!


papa herman said...

I wondered what had happened to the site.

Meg said...

That icon looks embroidered! It is lovely!

Susan Sophia said...

p.h.-what do you mean what happened to it? did it change in some way? or disappear for a bit?

meg- she said she drew it. if you click on it and look at the bigger one closely it kind of looks like colored pencil.

papa herman said...

it seemed to have disappeared for a bit.