Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I was checking out at the grocery store and bought some beer for James. The checker looked at me a few times before deciding to card me. I always love it when this happens as I'm well past the age one needs to be (by 15 years!).
She takes my ID from me and looks at it, all of a sudden very emphatically she says, "Shut up! Oh my gosh!" "You must have good genes or something."

Grinning from ear to ear!


Mimi said...

Whohooooo! Congratulations.

Don't you want to just hug those clerks?

Anonymous said...

Didja tell her you've passed those genes on to four (count 'em) kids?

Liz :-)

Elizabeth said...

Isn't that fun? I, on the other hand, was at the farmer's market yesterday. The guy with the hard cider called out to me, hey, you want some hard cider? and handed it to me. Before I was done with it, some guys came up and asked for some and the guy said do you have some ID? I'm thinkin', what am I, over the hill? Well, I guess so, at 37. It's all over now!

sara said...

awesome! you do have a young face...what a compliment :)