Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bye Grandma :(

Today at 3:30 PM we packed up the van with all of Grandma and Auntie Carols belongings and headed for the train depot. As they unloaded the van Joseph began wailing that he wanted grandma, he was going to go with her. As he was strapped in his carseat reaching as hard as he could (if you've ever seen a child strapped in a carseat trying to reach with all his might to get out you can see Joseph), tears streaming down and wails of love for Grandma. Mom stood there watching him with tears of her own as she was not prepared for such an outpouring. Once we drove away and she was out of sight he settled down and about 5 minutes down the road very quietly said, "I'm going to miss grandma." Look at the eyes this boy has, they can be heart-wrenching.
For some reason, this time around it was very difficult for mom to leave. Please come back soon Grandma!!!


Mimi said...

Oh, poor thing.

May Grandma travel safely.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Faith and Auntie Carol are two of the neatest women around. Travel safely, and return soon!

Liz, Steve, and boys :-)

grammafaithie said...

This makes me cry all over again!! I miss those kids lots!!! AND MOMMY! don't want to leave Dad out - he is a pretty neat son-in-law..
love to you all...

Thanks Liz!