Monday, May 22, 2006


Over the last 2 days I've accomplished two things that I'm proud of.
One is I JUST finished this evening and that is the kitchen floor!!! I really like how it came out.
The second I did on Saturday, which was to cut the hair on my two boys' heads. It was quite the challenge with Joe, thus quite an accomplishment! But Oh! how handsome they are!!!


Dawn said...

Congratulations! The floor looks great!

grammafaithie said...

Sue, it looks beautiful- congratulations on the great job you did! And what handsome boys 'my' little ones are!!!! I am a proud grandma, for sure! give them a hug!

sara said...

wow, that does look good. can you come do mine?! umm...speakling of floors, had to step away for a WHILE to clean the inch of water that somehow overflowed onto the bathroom floor while B was washing his hands!!! Get off the computer mom!

Mimi said...

The floor does look great.

You are far braver than I, I take the boys to "Great Clips"

Anonymous said...

Looks terrific! And my, what handsome boys you have!

Liz :-)