Tuesday, November 15, 2005

S.H.E. Humor--I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!

So I really can relate to the women who wrote the "Side-Tracked Home Executives" that I blogged about before. So much so that I bought another of their books called "Get Your Act Together: A 7-day Get-Organized Program for the Overworked, Overbooked, and Overwhelmed". (I fall into the overwhelmed catagory.)
I lay in bed last night reading this book and read the chapter of their story. I almost skipped it because I thought that I had read about their life in the last book but boy am I glad I didn't skip. It felt so good to laugh so hard. And it feels good to see that I'm not as disorganized as others out there! LOL
"We became masters at creating the illusion that we were successful homemakers, but all too often our deeds would lead to public humiliation. There was the time the car mechanic dislodged a petrified Big Mac from under the front seat of my car, solving the mystery of why the automatic seats would not work."
These next two are what had me rolling!
"Before she had kids, Peggy worked for The Columbian newspaper. The usual backup on laundry often left her without underwear. Whenever that happened, she simply wore a pair of her husband, Danny's, shorts. One day she got caught. going down the stairs at work, she slipped at the top and bounced to the bottom, where her boss stood in helpless horror....
'Well, it's company policy that we take you to the doctor just to make sure you're fine.' He was insistent. They went straight from the bottom of the stair to the doctor. By then Peggy was beginning to feel stiff and sore. an X-ray was ordered.
'Strip down to your underwear and lay on that table,' a cranky old nurse ordered. The humiliation of having to lay lie on a stainless steel x-ray table in a bra and men's Jockey shorts defies comment."
"Shortly before I got organized we moved from Fresno to Vancouver, WA. We drove a few weeks ahead of the moving van. My husband had told me to get some tranquilizers for the cat because she hated riding in the car. I had forgotten to get them. Knowing how volatile he could be...I had to make an emergency call on my right brain, when, just as we were leaving , he asked for the tranquilizer. I brought him a capsule. I watched him poke a Dexatrim down our poor cat's throat. During the trip, the cat was a nervous wreck, and she didn't eat for days."
I can't stop laughing!!!


Mimi said...

I've read those before, but they are good, aren't they?


Dawn said...

oh those were funny, thanks for the laughs.

juliana said...

I was just reading about "laugh therapy" It's listed as an alternative therapy, like homeopathy. This was a good start for me to start laughing again. I don't know what's funnier, the dexatrimed cat or the hubby's skivies. Ahhh it feels good to laugh.