Thursday, November 10, 2005

Determination and Perseverance

That's what it boils down to. I need determination and perseverance to accomplish the tasks I have been given as a wife, mother and homemaker.
I've blogged a lot about homemaking and motherhood. I was going to sit down here thinking I had something new to say but as I was looking through my archives to link to some of them I am came across this post from August. It really does say it all. I've come up with routines and plans that I like a lot. As in this post about the Side-Tracked Home Executives, boy is that me to a "T"!!! But I guess I know now that no matter what method you might choose, whatever it is you think might be the best for your takes determination and perseverance. Because you see I'm still really struggling with making it all work. I have the plan and routine! But I'm not diligent enough at it.
St. Juliana is my newest hero. I read about her and pray for her intercession. She was the mother of 13 children (6 of whom died in childhood)! Plus she was in charge of the entire household and it's economy earning this position with her husbands family through her kindness and meekness. I only wish to emulate her perseverance and diligence to her tasks. She was pretty amazing!

Oh Most Holy St. Juliana, please pray to God for me.


sara said...

amen :)

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Arielle said...

St. Juliana is my patron saint - I love her very much. I've blogged about her a couple times.
and here:
She's amazing. Her ability to live such an ascetic life while taking care of everyone in her path, including of course her family, astounds me.