Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a movie

On Friday my beloved deacon (for those of you who didn't know, James became a deacon in the Orthodox Church on September 23rd, Glory to God for all things!)  and I took our 2 daughters (13 & 16) to see Les Miserables.   

This movie is beyond words. By far one of the most moving movies I have ever seen.  

My father-in-law has always been a fan of Les Miserables the production, and the deacon convinced his dad to go see the movie.  He wrote us after seeing it and said it was by far the best rendition of Les Mis he has ever seen and probably one of the best movies he's seen in his whole life.

You will not regret seeing this movie.

It was the first movie I have seen in a theater in about 10 years.  Despite being totally blown away by how much it cost to go to a dinner and movie with my girls, it was totally worth it!

"To love another person is to see the face of God."

I keep counting, counting towards 1,000. Each day I look for more. Hoping that as the days go by I will find deep gratitude on every level of every day.  Gratitude that will bring me salvation. Take me to God.

26. Fresh carrot/apple juice with a hint of ginger.  The smell of ginger is so alive. 
27. Joseph trying carrot juice. -CJ
28. Soft pillow for my head.
29. Wood to burn
30. Getting school done. -CJ
31. Food...lots of good.

32. Dishes being done by a 13yo at an odd time of the day & I only had to ask once!
33. A mommy who loves to help make dinner & watch boys for date night.
34. Dinner & a movie with 2 beautiful girls and an awesome hubby.
35. A glass of red wine.
36. The smell of coffee, fresh ground & brewing.
37. A Letter to All the World's Daughters.     
38. Les Miserables motion picture that evokes deep emotion and thought. 
39. Strong man brought to tears by the beauty of a movie.
40. Dishes being done by gracious daughter.
41. Digging in the earth in January, cleaning garden beds.
42. Fresh compost that I created!
43. Frugal grocery shopping.
44. Coyotes howling in the night...reminding us, as we sleep, that God's creation is alive and full and all around us.

I will endeavor to blog more often.  Adding to my list more often rather than such a long list every so often. 

I desire to write more.  I've been reading good things lately and the flow of words and the beauty all around have been inspiring me to want to put words on paper (even though it is virtual paper).  I do write in a journal so I guess I am putting words on paper, pen to pad.    




Michele Latham said...

What a lovely blog and I share your thoughts on Les Miserables! So glad I found you!

Michelle M. said...

Many years for Deacon John!

I really want to go see Les Mis. My husband and I have a date planned for two weeks from now. I hope it will still be playing in our theaters by then.