Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our 5 Month Science Project

In March we collected a bucket full of frog eggs from our pond. I cannot find my pictures of this bucket full of frog eggs anywhere! In Feb/Mar we had computer die and used one temporarily and then got a new one so I have no idea where they are. Anyway, you can see a picture here of what our frog eggs looked like as they started transforming. When we collected them it was a big glob of small, perfectly round dots. Then they started transforming into what you see in that picture. They seemed to change so slowly.
The eggs began to hatch ever so slowly into what we learned to be pollywogs.
One day in April or May the girls pulled out the old aquarium and set up a wonderful environment for them. They transfered a couple dozen tadpoles into the tank. This gave them a more natural environment.
Over the last couple weeks we've excitedly watched the tadpoles change shape and slowly grow their jumping legs. And Sunday afternoon we excitedly found our first full frog with no tail left. We now have 5 frogs and more to come. Here are several pictures that show the various stages of tadpoles and frogs we have in our tank.

A tadpole with 2 legs.

Charissa is holding a tadpole with 3 legs forming.

Here you can see the stages beautifully. On the left is a tadpole that hasn't even started forming legs yet but has eyes and the oblong body. On the right are 2 beautiful little frogs with just stubs of tails left.

These 2 pictures are my favorites. I caught the frogs resting on the leaves.


Xenia Kathryn said...

So cool!

I had a "pet" tadpole once... I can't remember what happened to him. :S Obviously didn't make it to the frog stage... Gee... now I want to know what the heck happened to him...! :D

Marfa said...

What a great project. I took a science class and they really made an emphasis between experiments and experiences. Looks like you're doing a great job making this THEIR project, so it's an experience they are involved in and really learning from...

Sh. Kelleylynn said...

Would you like to teach science to my four next year?! :) Great experiences and memories!

Bluecanopy said...

Way cool! The kids loved the photos.

Looks like a fun ferrenberg summer :)

::Sylvia:: said...

That is so cool, my son would love to do that!