Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I got my Travel Swap package!

Back at the end of May I entered to be part of a travel swap. Today I received my wonderful package from my partner, Xenia.

Xenia mapped out a road trip for me from my house down to Arizona to visit two WONDERFUL monasteries. She put in 3 stops along the way to meet some of her family and visit some Churches. This was all on the map book she created. There were 3 smaller packages within the big one. The first is a package put together of St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery memorabilia. This package included an icon card of St. Anthony and one of "The Mother of God of Arizona". There was also a package of pistachio nuts and numerous picture prints of St. Anthony's. The 2nd little package was put together of memorabilia from St. Paisius, my 2nd stop in AZ. She included the booklet Akathist to the Mother of God: Nurturer of Children!!, an icon card of St. Paisius and prints of the monastery and sisters. She also included in swap package homemade beeswax candles and a travel sewing kit!
What I was so tickled pink about in this whole thing is how the package I sent her was amazingly similar. She'll tell you about soon, I'm sure.

Thank you, again!

Now, Sylvia, my daughter is BEGGING to do one of these with another child her age. What do you think? A child travel swap?


::Sylvia:: said...

I love your package! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the swap! How old is your daughter again? Hmmm...tell her I'm working on it :)!

Mimi said...

Wheeeeee! How awesome! What a great package.