Monday, July 21, 2008

Any ideas or resources?

I'm looking to do character studies/education with my kids. Hands on, in depth (as in depth as you can get with young children), character unit studies, maybe with an Orthodox understanding.
Does anyone have any ideas or resources for such things? Orthodox or not?

I'm really looking for some good hands-on, daily application and positive reinforcement ideas. Role-playing, maybe.

Thank you!


Elenie said...

Hi there..I may be misinterpreting what it is you are looking for...but here's a project that I found spiritually positive to build Christian character in kids

I had the children/siblings draw each other's icon...of course, being that we're all living icons of Christ, and saints with a small "s." We followed a key with these components and I challenged them to look hard at one another to find the spiritual gifts that they were blessed with.

Tall Forehead – Wisdom
Cross in Hand – Martyr
Armor – Soldier
Icon – Defender of Icons
Small Lips – Few Words
Bottle of Potion – Medicines
Crown – Royalty
Big Ears – Good Listener
Clothes – Altar Boy, Chanter
Scroll – Writer
Friends/Siblings– Trial Together
Hand – Resisted Persecutors
Gospel – Teacher of Faith
Animals – Pets
White - Purity
Gold – Heaven & Eternity
Blue – Humanity Red – Divinity
Purple - Royalty

This creative exercise was a chance to indirectly call out the God-given gifts each one of us has.
I think it also changed the perception that some kids have of others when we shared them as a group.

I have a hand-out as a Word file if you'd like me to forward it to you by e-mail, just say the word!

Liz in Seattle said...

And check out Elenie's blog on Orthodox education :-)

Susan Sophia said...

Thank you, Elenie, I'd love to have the handout. This sounds really neat.
susansophia.f [at]gmail [dot] com

Bluecanopy said...

i know these books are popular with charlotte mason families. maybe reading these aloud/discussing would spark some further activities.

i was just thinking of doing something similar but focusing on one trait a week.....using the list at the end of this pdf file.

i'm interested to see what you find!