Friday, April 11, 2008

Pictures finally and "I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane"

Yes, I finally have pictures from my last pilgrimage the day I leave on my new pilgrimage.
Please pray for Liz and I as we travel by boat (me), car (lots of driving in AZ) and plane. As mentioned before, we will be heading to first St. Anthony Greek Monastery and then over to
St. Paisius Serbian Monastery early Sunday morning in time for Liturgy. We get to see our dear, dear friend Sr. Brigid whom we haven't seen since she left to become a novice 2 years ago.
We come home on a 6:00AM flight Wednesday morning.

Here, finally are pictures from the pilgrimage I took my girls St. John the Forerunner Monastery in Goldendale, WA. We took our dear friend, Hannah.

Above the girls are at the stream behind the monastery and it was the first time they'd seen this because they are usually there in the summer when it is just a dry creek bed. They were so excited to see the water flow. Below they are on the bridge to an area they called Archangel Michael, which is the area that has the shrine pictured below.

Below is the outdoor shrine. There are some logs laying around as benches. It really is very beautiful. It would be neat to have this on a corner of my property.

They had 8 baby goats and here is the one they fittingly named Oreo!

Aaron, this is the picture you wanted to see. I was corrected in the what that headband is used for. It is actually a slingshot and it is easily pulled off the head and transformed into a weapon...the slingshot. He is quite good at it. :)


Munkee said...

Nice! It is always amusing to me, looking back on my own childhood and recalling that my imagination was so vivid and self-convincing. I would be dressed up in military fatigues on some mission in my neighborhood and wondering to myself, "I wonder if people really believe that I'm on a special forces operation??"

Thank you for sharing!

JamesoftheNorthwest said...

Aaron...YES! Thank you for this reminder! I, too, used to wonder if people thought I was perhaps a real CHiP like "Ponch" while riding about the neighborhood on my bike.

It also reminds me to be careful not to rain on the kids' parade too much. Let them lose themselves in their imagination.

::Sevvi:: said...


I am so happy to have run across your blog! Do you live anywhere near Goldendale? I envy your farm! We have chickens, so we get eggs, but I'd do anything for fresh milk! Please stop by my blog! p.s. I LOVE St. Brigid!