Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unexpected Treat

Last night at about 8pm it started snowing. It had already been raining and then it turned to snow and it snowed probably for 3 hours. This was completely unexpected. The forecast said rain and wind, in fact a wind advisory. I expected the power to go out but not snow. The snow was blowing snow as well. It was fun to see it dancing this way and that way. I noticed before I headed to bed that I even had a little tiny snow drift on the side walk, and that the snow plastered to the side of the porch. Yes, the snow does blow in Western WA. It is still here this morning but I suspect not for long. Just long enough for the kids to run out and get wet, very wet.

My tiny drift of snow. :) Which are NOTHING compared to these! Now that's a drift!

This picture was lightened up just a little but the picture below the shuttle was kept open for about 5-10 seconds. I just thought it looked cool.

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papa herman said...

As we left Walla Walla two weeks ago (to go to Southern CA) there was 8 inches plus of snow on the ground. We arrived in Long Beach where temps were in the 70's. Upon returning home we found the snow gone, and temps this AM in the 50's.

Personally, I hope we get another snow before the Winter is over.