Sunday, February 24, 2008


This week has been a week full of spring. Signs of spring everywhere. We have spent nearly everyday outside working on one thing or another on the farm, but today after Church while the kids played I took a walk. Well, first I cuddled with Joseph and fell asleep for a short little siesta and then went out and took a walk, enjoying the 50+ degree weather and sun. The kids were out all afternoon...from about 2pm-5pm...playing with their imaginations. I love it when they do that. We've had 50's all this past week and near 60 on a couple days. Which explains the signs of February.
This is just a random bush I came across with big huge leaf buds all over it.

On Saturday we washed sheets and took advantage of the brilliant sun and breeze. Oh, it was just lovely to climb into bed in sun dried sheets! I love how they feel and smell.

This is my flowering red currant. It is so lovely and in another month it will be covered in these red blooms and full of hummingbirds!
Oh, I love spring!

On another note... the homesick counter reads 5 days, 16 hours and 35 minutes!!!!
Words cannot begin to express what this means to me.
Thank you for your prayers of safety and health as he travels back to us.


Mimi said...

Five days! Yay!

Gorgeous photos, isn't Spring here?

Kelsey Anna said...

I LOVE spring too!
It is my second favorite season!
The garden is my favorite!
The smell of soil and feeding worms to chicks and chickens!
Digging up sod...
I am going to plant a HUGE bed of corn!