Saturday, February 02, 2008

Off to Uganda

James packed his bag and another with work supplies and he is off to Uganda. He is currently here .
ADDENDUM: He is now in Amsterdam for a 3 hour layover. He'll be in Uganda Sunday morning, OUR TIME will be 9:50AM.

Kelsey Anna had a paper icon drive at Church and we received an overwhelming supply of paper icons. Yesterday we spent the day laminating 250 paper icons. James took with him all of them and a number of wooden icons as well. There is a great need, as we learned last August for them. The small mission parish he attended had a total of 6 icons in the whole Church. Since then he has also learned of a need in Tanzania as well. He hopes to some how get some of the icons there as well, hopefully through our friend Stacy who lives and teaches in Uganda.

Thank you for all your prayers!!! The challenge begins, here on the home front. But with grandma Faith here for 5 weeks we should do just fine! James has the rawer end of the deal as he's alone in a foreign country for 4 weeks.

Keep a watch on his blog as I'm sure he'll have lots to say ( as always) about his journey.


Mimi said...

Hey that's really cool. He's right off the coast of Newfoundland right now.

Anyway, prayers to James and to you guys as well! Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

Troy said...

So there are Orthodox agrarians. I read your comment on the Northern Agrarian. I am not yet Orthodox, but certainly headed that way. I am agrarian at heart but my current station in life does not allow me to live agrarianism like I want to. I am Troy and the guy who commented right before you.

JamesoftheNorthwest said...

ACTUALLY...I arrived in Entebbe Sunday night. We are 11 hours ahead of Pacific Time right now.


I miss you all!