Friday, June 23, 2006

James of the Northwest has just posted about this news article we've read. I commented there but couldn't help but bring it up here and tell you that I've emailed Gregoire.

Please go here and send her a comment. Tell her how absurd it is for her to TAKE AWAY ones RIGHTS to appease another. I'm so miffed about this whole thing. And not so much because of what pill it is(although I'm impressed with Thriftway and will let them know I'll be supporting their stores more than I have) but more because the pharmacies own rights are being taken away and how fair is that. She wants to strip them of their own rights simply because another group feels their rights aren't being respected.

I didn't know something so political could get my attention like this...I'm surprised at myself.


Dawn said...

You could be supporting Thriftway more in the future, our Central Market here in Poulsbo (as well as Thriftway on Bainbridge Island).
The main silliness of it is that it says ipecac is the only thing pharmacies are REQUIRED to stock. Duh. And if you don't like it, go to another pharmacy. That's what's so great about capitalism.

Dawn said...

hey, my comment finally showed up. :)

Mimi said...

Actually, though, as an Olympia girl - this isn't affiliated with the Thriftway brand AFAIK, I think they just own two stores here.

One of which, I get my prescriptions at and will proudly do so again soon.