Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Calling All Home-Schoolers and Avid Readers...

As a homeschooling mother Paidea Classics is one of my FAVORITE websites!!! They are by far one of the most important resources I have to date.
I just learned this morning that they are struggling financially and it is threatening the continuance of their website.
I come here to spread the word about the TREMENDOUS RESOURCE so you too may help support them and to also beg for prayers on their behalf.
Here is a list of 10 reasons they are SO fabulous:

1. "Our Young Folks' Josephus": The history of Ancient Israel is revealed in a first-hand account from the great historian Flavius Josephus.

2. "The Exiles of the Cebenna": is a moving account of the community of Christians in the Church of Arles during the Decian persecution (249-251 AD).

3. Free Copywork you can print out. Amazing and wonderful copy work of Saints, Feasts and Orthodox Quotes, as well as simple beginning ABC's.

4. If you don't want to print everything yourself they have spiral bound copywork for sale!!!!

5. New Spelling Lessons: 2 levels so far!

6. Free downloadable Orthodox homeschool planning pages.

7. Orthodox Homeschool T-shirts and more.

8. Free E-Texts

9. A list of wonderful articles about all kinds of topics such as prayers, parenting, schooling.

10. Their wonderful history books soon to come out in audio!!" It is our hope to provide resources that will help make homeschooling a family affair and will simplify the teaching parent's life." Coming soon!

PLEASE help support this wonderful home-schooling resource! They have a lot of books that not only would be appreciated by the home-schooling family but also by those who love to read history.

Thank you for spreading the word.


Mimi said...

I've never ordered from them, but their site is wonderful.

Hilarius said...

Thanks for spreading the word on this resource!

Off topic - but did you and James ever get to sit down and watch 'My Flesh and Blood?' that you were expecting from the library?

I forgot to issue a warning that, due to the language of one teenage boy with troubles, it's probably not for the youngsters in the house.


Arielle said...

This sounds great. Have you seen the Orthodox kindergarten curriculum that Macrina Lewis (Rachel (Lewis) Dovey's mom) wrote?

Susan Sophia said...

Hilarius-Yes, we did get that movie from the library but have yet to actually watch it. It's hard to get both of us to sit down to a movie together.

Arielle- fact I was blessed to receive a copy of it when she first printed it to take a copy of it to the Women's Retreat 3 years ago to share with a bunch of the homeschooling mothers there. It's pretty amazing, but quite intense from what I could do at that age with the number of children I have. Maybe I could now.
Kelsey and Emilia are penpals and good friends! We will live much closer to them when we move to the Peninsula.

sara said...

oh man, I'm overwhlmed already!!