Thursday, September 29, 2005

Time Flies...

Once again, I am truly amazed at how long it has been since I've blogged. I get the site meter reports and it reminds that "Sophia Says" exists AND (what's most amazing) that there are actually people who purposely go to my blog regularly. Please forgive me for the disappointment of not writing very often.
Since my last 2 posts life has done some changing for me. The girls are back in school...a mixed blessing. I worry dearly about them but also don't trust myself enough to bring them home. They are in a new school this year, a parent co-operative and I'm really quite impressed so far. My only concern so far is boredom...there is too much time in the day for idle hands. We'll see what the future holds.
I wrote my Aunt whom I adore and look up to as an amazing homemaker and mother. I sent her my last blog and than was pleasantly surprised at her reply! Nearly 20 years ago she read the book "Side-tracked Home Executives" and developed much of her 20 year routine from that! If you aren't familiar with that title, it is the book that spawned the very famous Flylady.
But I couldn't believe it, my aunt, who has raised 3 wonderful children, been a S.A.M. since their births, has a garden about an acre large, and raises chickens is a S.H.E. and was probably one of the first persons ever to read that book! I immediately ordered the book from the library and intend to read it again! I've also been perusing the FlyLady website again...I used to get their endless emails of reminders to do this and that but I found them too much of a distraction. The computer for me is one of my biggest hurdles, so the more I have it off during the day the more I accomplish.
Another difference I've seen in myself the last 2 weeks is that I eliminated sugar from my diet. I've done a lot of reading about candida(sugar overgrowth) and the effects it can have on you and instantly became convince that it was much of my problem(health). Well, half way through my 2nd week of no sugar I fell wonderful! I fell energetic and my mind feels clearer. My goal is to learn to eat more healthful. At the end of this week I'll slowly introduce WHOLE GRAIN breads and fruits back into my diet. But it feels good to get off of the sugar/craving rollar coaster. When we eat too many processed foods and simple carbs (those that break down quickly into your blood) we create a craving/hunger rollar coater that is nearly impossible to get off of. And when you have an overgrowth of yeast/sugar (which is easy to do in our simple carb society of goodies and antibiotic overdosed society) it is impossible. Some of the books I've read to spawn this adventure are: The Yeast Connection by William G. Crook M.D., The Yeast Connection and Women's Health by the sam author. He also has a website with great information. I essentially started the SouthBeach Diet because it has a 2 week initial phase of no sugars or breads. After 10 days I have lost my desire to eat all day...I can actually watch tv without eating anything and it isn't difficult at all! I used to think about food all the time, it seems, and now I just go about my day and eat when I suppose to eat. I am nervous about adding the good carbs back in, but if they are good carbs they shouldn't cause the spikes in bloodsugar to induce cravings. I hope my body has balanced the yeast to a normal level to eliminate those cravings as well. I know I've rambled enough, but I'm truly excited about my findings about yeast and also AMAZED at list of symptoms yeast overgrowth can cause. If you have taken antibiotics even a couple times a year, have had to be on steriods, have hormonal problems(pms, etc), have been diagnosed with fibromyagia, chronic fatigue syndrome, if you feel sick a lot but can't explain it....check out these books or others. It's worth it! Although I couldn't bring myself to do the "candida elimination diets" I am doing my best to eliminate the sugar overgrowth.
Enough, Enough, Enough!
Please forgive my rambling!
Susan Sophia


Mimi said...

Hey, my mom read that SHE book about the same time - she's got the box of index cards she uses to this day.

And, she knew Flylady back when they were on a SHE email loop.

Dawn said...

This helps a lot. I haven't gone to the MD yet for a diagnosis, but I think I've got fibromyalgia.

It'll be fun to see you guys soon. :)