Sunday, May 03, 2015


Today I have been preparing for our departure from Uganda. It's been a laid back day. James has been somewhat ill the last few days and so we stayed home from Church. We ran quickly to grab a few more gifts for family and friends back home, packed and took a nap. Now I'm just waiting for the final touches of packing and Isma to arrive.
I realized though that I've had a VERY full and exciting 2 days to talk share, well one full day and one awesome evening. I also have quite a few random thoughts I'll probably be sharing for days.
On Friday, May 1st it was a holiday (Labor Day) so the offices were closed. We stayed at the house until evening. James did work from home because it wasn't a holiday for him. I just sat around. It was kind of boring. :) I know, I shouldn't use that word. But really, I didn't even have a good book to read.
We had plans for the evening though. We were headed out to NdereCultural Center to see the Ndere Troupe preform. What a show! I thoroughly enjoyed and so badly wished the kids were with me. Patrick and Michel picked us up at 6pm and we headed out.
Here we are by one of the display huts at the center.
We did get a few gifts at the center for ourselves. Some art for the walls. I've fallen in love with the african wall art.
The dancing and music were so wonderful. They take you to various places around Uganda and share a traditional dance and the meaning behind it. Pretty impressive.

 The picture above is the opening song.  It's just a musical introduction of sorts.  Then man down on the ground below the others is the director.  He was truly AMAZING to watch!  He directed them with his WHOLE body.  I could have just watched him all night!

The last dance was from the Acholi tribe which happens to be where Patrick is from.

I have some videos and will try to upload them to YouTube and link them here tomorrow.  You'll enjoy them!

Sitting in Amsterdam now!  1/2 way home!! (Yes, my posts can span a couple days before publishing!)

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