Friday, May 15, 2015

Jinja part 1

It has been more than a week since we've been home and I had really meant to continue to post all this time but I tell you what, I have had a TERRIBLE time with jet lag!  I've been going to bed by 8pm almost every night and some nights I would even fall asleep earlier. My afternoons would drag me around.  
I've been trying to get caught up on all the things that I left behind. 

But I do want to tell you about our last 2 days in Uganda before our 34 hour journey back home.  It will come slowly though as I have so much to catch up here at home on the farm.

On Saturday morning, May 2nd, we had 3 friends arrive at the house to pick us up so we could head to Jinja, Uganda. This is about a 2 hour drive from where we were in Kampala and only because of traffic.  It was an adventure of a day!

As we headed out of town the weather was gloomy and rainy.  

We drove through some beautiful countryside.  Here we have tea fields.  We asked what kind of tea and Dianna just said it's just tea, but they call it chia.  Chia=tea. We drove by a tea plantation.

We also drove by some sugar cane fields.
Patrick said, "Here is the forest!"
We stopped off at one of several places where you can get refreshments along the way.  It isn't like your typical Quickie Mart. We didn't even need to get out of the car, nor could we even if we wanted to.  Look at them surrounding the car...they are vendors.  They rush at your car as you pull in. Tapping on the windows and thrusting their goods through any and all open windows.  I didn't even dare open my window.

We arrived in Jinja and the clouds broke for a bit!  We went to a place claiming "The Source of the Nile". It was on Lake Victoria which is truly the source of the Nile. 
 Fishing boats above, out on Lake Victoria.  Below, if you click on the picture you can probably read the description of the Great Nile River.  That's Dianna and me in the picture.  She is one of the lab technicians at the UCI lab. 

We had to duck in out of the rain a bit.  We found our way to a pub called "Rumors of the Nile".  
We bought a few souvenirs before leaving this park and heading back.  
We headed to have lunch before going home though at a place called Kingfisher Resort.  More on that in another post.

A jack fruit tree and a mango tree.