Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This may sound like a terrible thing. Sometimes I believe it. But in reality, our Lord, came to this earth to serve and that is what we are called to do.
My last 2 posts have been about this lovely woman, Sally Clarkson. She is a very wise woman and she longs to share her wisdom with us through her books and blog. She has raised 4 lovely children and she served. She put God first and served her children as Christ served when He walked the earth. The fruit of her labor is obvious and beautiful.

She wrote this on her blog. I wrote it down but neglected to write the link of the original post. I'm still searching for it, but I do know she wrote it.

Consequently, it is not in getting the rules right or in defining all of the rules and theology that will make our children want to serve God. It is in laying down our life for them, serving them, listening to them, loving who God made them within the context of a call to holiness, that will secure in them a desire to love God with all of their hearts. By seeing our love, they will more easily understand and receive God’s love, as it will already be familiar to their hearts and brains.

--Sally Clarkson

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anna said...

I have enjoyed several of Sally Clarkson's books, they speak to the heart of motherhood!