Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer Request

My dad has been through the wringer over the last several years. Back in 2006 and 2007 he fought throat cancer. I asked for prayers, for body and soul.
Last summer he had a heart attack and we went to visit. Prayers were asked, for body and soul.
Just about a month ago, he had open heart surgery, a double by-pass. He was doing great! Until yesterday.
But it is completely unrelated to his heart.
He went to the emergency room because he kept falling down. He said he was so weak. So they did a scan. What they found was completely accidental. They found lesions on his liver. He knows nothing. He hasn't seen the oncologist yet. He didn't even call us, his children. He wasn't going to call us until he saw the oncologist, which is today. But in a very round about way, which I am still sifting through the emotions of, I found out via the "Passion Pit" (FB). Apparently, his wife told one of her daughters and so it goes on. My dad was shocked and upset about my call, knowing about this before he got a chance to tell us himself. I was shocked and upset to learn about this in this manner.
But now I know. He doesn't know anything; treatment, prognosis, etc. We should learn today.
I know enough to know that if it be cancer, it isn't good.
Right now, I beg of your prayers for a man who I believe God is trying to wake up.
May he wake up and see God, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere and fillest all things!
His name is David.

Addendum: I learned that his appointment with the oncologist isn't actually until Tuesday, May 31st. Thank you for your prayers.


elizabeth said...

this is hard for all of you. prayers. Lord have mercy.

Cristina said...

Our prayers for your father, David.

Mimi said...

Oh, hon. Huge hugs. I'm so sorry for the whole mess, your dad's health, and the circuitous way you came across the info.
Love and hugs, and most importantly, prayers.

anna said...

so sorry to hear, will pray for him -

Michelle M. said...

Lord have mercy. We will add him to our prayer list. Please keep us updated.