Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disgusted and Sad

In the checkout line today at the store I happened to glimpse at the newest Seventeen magazine cover. Don't ask why, I have no idea!!! I wish I hadn't. But apparently I have glanced at one in about 20 years because I am disgusted at what I saw. It saddens my heart to see what it is that "they" are saying to our CHILDREN these days! I used to subscribe to this magazine 25+ years ago. It saddens my heart that this is totally acceptable by moms and dads all over. Tell me what you think of the headlines of this magazine.

After I published the post and reread it, I noticed that you can't really see some of the titles. So I must point out to you the most astonishing of them all, because you cannot see it.
"Love and Sex Secrets: What they no one tells you about your first time."

Yes, and this is published for TEENAGERS of all ages!


Genevieve said...

I agree with your post. This is why I have never let my daughter look at these crazy magazines. I'm so proud of my daughter, she tries to pick out modest clothes. Thanks for posting this.

flowersfortheteacher said...

When we wait in line, I literally turn the magazine's around so as not to have my kids gape at the pictures, let alone pick up on the subtitles.

Charissa Ferrenberg said...

i am so relieved that i you have never let me read those!!!!

thank u mom