Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Children Should Be Taught

I picked up a book at the library called "Easy Homeschooling Techniques". At the start of the book, before the Foreward and Preface you will find these two lists. I love them! Notice where they come from and the date.

What a Little Girl Should Be Taught:

To cook plain wholesome food

To make her own clothes

To be neat and orderly

To care for her own room

To learn well the art of housekeeping

To care for her person

To exercise a quiet reserve in the presence of boys and men

That all cheap talk is unbecoming

That loose jokes about "beaux" and "lovers" are improper

That modesty is a priceless treasure, and will prove her surest protector

That her brothers are better escorts than most other young men

That her mother is her best companion and counselor

That her dress should be plain, and not the chief subject of her thoughts or conversation

That she should wear only such styles of clothing as will cover her person modestly

That it is better to be useful than ornamental

That there will be time enough to learn fancy work after she has learned to darn stockings

That the old rule, "A place for everything and everything in its place," is a good one

That she should dress for health and comfort as well as for appearance

-Home and Health, © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing

What a Little Boy Should Be Taught

To be strong and brave-a little man

To shun evil companions

To respect gray hairs

To be gentle

To be courteous

To be prompt

To be industrious

To be truthful

To be honest

To prefer the companionship of his sisters, over other girls

To honor his father and mother

To be temperate

To discard profanity

To be thoughtful and attentive

To keep himself pure

To be his sister's protector

To refuse to listen to vulgar jokes or stories

To use common tools skillfully

To care for his own room

To do all kinds of housework

To earn money, and to take care of it

To be neat and orderly in his habits and appearance

To be self-reliant

To be his father's partner

-Home and Health, © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing


Xenia Kathryn said...

WOW... where do I start? This is a great list... gives me a lot of food for start, and really I wouldn't even know where to start with teaching my own daughter such gems. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

Elenie said...

I like these lists ~ even if they may have been written back in the day, for Orthodox Christian they represent everything holy and good!

Thanks so much for sharing

manna said...

It's a really cute list.

I like it it a lot

Gretchen Joanna said...

We would never find anything like that at our library! Thanks for sharing.