Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thought for the day

I love to read Abbot Tryphon's blog The Morning Offering. He has a quote for the day, scripture reading and a daily picture from around the monastery or outing or area in which they are (Vashon Island).

Here is the quote from today...

"Beware you do not blindly insist that things must work out according to what you consider to be right and good. God sometimes does permit such blind insistence to be followed by the fulfillment of our ardent desires. This always leads to misery and disaster (intended to open our eyes on our folly), and happens particularly often when our desires are founded on wild passions.
Pray to our Lord for guidance, and to His Holy Mother for special protection."

Staretz Macarius of Optina


elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for this link. What a blessing. Thanks again.

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing!

Matushka said...


We leave June 28th and will be getting up there July 1st (we drive). We'll be there for two weeks. I don't know when we will be over your way. Does Fr. Christopher have your phone number? When we get our schedule worked out I can give you a call.